Saturday, September 26, 2020

Preparing Your Vehicle For a Long Trip

Preparing Your Vehicle For a Long Trip By JT September 25 202026 0 Even if you are still uneasy about hopping on a plane to travel for the rest of 2020 you don t necessarily have to let this year go by without a vacation Whether you re thinking of taking a tour through the mountains to see the autumn leaves change color or you are planning ahead for quiet holiday visits with beloved family and friends you haven t seen in months packing up your car and hitting the road for a cross country trip may be a safer more hassle free option than flying for the remaining months of 2020

What is Insurtech How a Company Like Olive is Changing the Industry

What is Insurtech How a Company Like Olive is Changing the Industry If youve never heard the word insurtech before you re not alone A portmanteau of insurance and technology insurtech is a relatively new term used to describe companies who are transforming the insurance industry using new technologies and innovations that optimize cost savings and maximize efficiency for insurance providers and customers alike As a prime example of an insurtech company Olive is at the forefront of the changing face of the insurance industry Here s a little more about insurtech how it works and what it means

Friday, September 25, 2020

How People Are Saving Money With Warranties Fabnewz

Imagine Driving Into Work On A Routine Winter Day When You Hit A Patch Of Black Ice Spin Out Of Control And Crash Into A Mailbox Or Another Small Object As Jarring As These Events Can Be It Is Likely That You Won 039 t Be Responsible For Paying Any More Than hellip